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The Electronic System for Exhibition Communication Management

SAMANEX is a new approach for providing services to the exhibitors and visitors, which a constant connection will be created between the exhibitors and visitors in the virtual space and pursuing the made visits quite feasible.

After receiving a username in this system, a proper space for uploading the advertising files and company introduction will be allocated to the exhibitors. Through scanning the visitors’ badges, the exhibitors can access to visitors’ information and vice versa.

SAMANEX advantages for exhibitors:

  •  Accessing to visitors’ contact information, work experiences and technical skills
  • Prioritizing the importance of held discussions with visitors
  • No need to fill out the routine forms for collecting the visitors’ information at the booths
  • Updating the notification files for visitors after uploading
  • No need for publishing the brochure, visit card and …
  • Assisting environment protection
  • Accessing the information archives of previous events’ visitors
  • The possibility of viewing the analytical and static reports of exhibitions’ visit trend
  • The possibility for accessing to occupations and skills databank

SAMANEX advantages for visitors:

  • The possibility for accessing to exhibitor’s information
  • Accessing to the latest information of visited booths through website
  • Accessing to exhibitors’ information archives in previous visited exhibitions



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